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Roeser, Ross J./ Valente, Michael/ Hosford-Dunn, Holly/ Alvord, Lynn S./ Allen, Prudence

2. Auflage 2007, 616 Seiten, 411 Abbildungen, gebunden

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ISBN 9781588905420

Written by the foremost authorities in the field, Audiology: Diagnosis presents the basic concepts and essential clinical information for diagnosing auditory disorders, otologic diseases, and vestibular dysfunction. The book provides a thorough review of fundamental principles of diagnosis, including the basic procedures, the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, imaging techniques, instrumentation, calibration, and more. It also covers the clinical tests essential for assessing the type and degree of hearing loss and for determining the etiological factors underlying the patient's disorder. Chapters address such important topics as ototoxicity and pharmacology in the audiology practice, and utilizing functional brain imaging and radiologic techniques.


- New information on effective methods for neonatal hearing screening, assessment of vestibular disorders, the genetics of hearing loss, and recent advances in testing for auditory processing disorders in children and adults

- Chapter outlines to rapidly acquaint reader with topics to be discussed

- Pearls, pitfalls, controversial points, and special considerations providing recommendations and comments on key aspects of patient care

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